Specialty Ingredients

VinaChito™ – our Vietnamese made Chitosan and its derivatives

We produce following grades and types of VinaChito™[*] and its derivatives :

  • Chitosan, regular & high density
  • Chitosan oligosaccharide
  • Chitosan salts
    • Chitosan HCL
    • Chitosan Lactate
    • Chitosan Acetate
    • Carboxymethyl chitosan
    • and others on demand...



* VinaChito™ is the registered brand of our Vietnamese Chito. Compared to chitosan from other countries, it has the following advantages:

  • More reliable, sustainable and economic production, thanks to an optimal local supply with shrimp shells.;
  • Clear and clean traceability from the shrimp farming pool to the finished product.
  • Duty free import in most developed countries, since Vietnam is member of TPP as well as ASEAN, and has a FTA with EU and Korea.
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