Our Vietnamese factory, JBiChem Vinahealth, is located in Binh Duong, only 25km from Ho Chin Minh port, which is the biggest sea and air port in Vietnam.

The factory is GMP, ISO9001 & ISO22000 certified, as well as EU approved under the Food Section VIII. Besides Glucosamine and Chitosan, we will introduce more products to be produced in this site, because Made in Vietnam has the following benefits:

  • The guaranteed sustainable and economical production;
  • The supply can help clients to diversify their supply chain and set up competitive differentiation;
  • Vietnam is the member of TPP and ASEAN, as well as having the FTA with EU and Korea, hence its products are duty-free to many countries in the world.


Chitin obtained from shrimp shell is the starting material for the production of Glucosamine and Chitosan, therefore we have strongly invested in an optimal local supply:

  • Our JV Chitin factory, JBiChem Ca Mau, is situated in Ca Mau in the center of the Mekong Delta, where 70% of the Vietnamese shrimp processors are located;
  • We built a state-of-the-art Chitin production line in the factory of our strategic partner, a leading Vietnamese shrimp protein producer, to use their wasted shell to produce the Chitin for us exclusively.

Our Glucosamine and Chitosan factory, JBiChem Zhouhua, is located in Zhoushan, Zhejiang, where is the biggest sea shrimp catching area in China.

Our Chondroitin and HA factory, Jinan JBiChem, is located in Jiyang, Shandong, where is the cartilage trading center in China.

The both factories are FSSC/ISO22000 certified and EU approved under Food Section VIII.

From 2008, we started to set up the JBiChem Strategic Partnership Alliance to extend our product portfolio and the ability of turn key solutions, from the ingredients to the finished products.

Sustainability and environmental protection are key for us in the sourcing of raw materials and the production of our ingredients. For this reason, we invested strongly in comprehensive environment protection systems that meet the strictest legal requirements.

To protect the environment, we are committed to recycling and the reduction of wastes in our production processes:

  • We invested in a solar energy facility to use renewable energy in the production.
  • In our Chitin production, we are working with our strategic partner to integrated using the value of the shell: the shrimp’s shell is pressed first then the water consumption in the following process to Chitin will be decreased significantly; the pressed material from the shell will be processed into protein for the feed market.